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Eberle Winery is a family-owned producer and marketer of premium wines, representing the Eberle Estate, single varieties and designated vineyards. Eberle wines have showcased the history and diverse flavors of the Paso Robles Appellation since 1979. Gary Eberle grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and went to Penn State on a football scholarship. After graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in biology, he attended Louisiana State University (LSU) where he continued his graduate work studying cellular genetics. While attending LSU, Gary developed an appreciation for wine and changed his academic path to become a winemaker. Gary launched his career as a winemaker and as the “Pioneer” of Paso Robles Wine Region by helping to establish his family's Estrella River Winery & Vineyards. In the late 70’s, he decided to pursue his own project and acquired nearly 64 acres just down the road from Estrella River Winery. Shortly thereafter, Gary released his first Eberle wine, the 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon debuting the iconic boar logo, depicting the German origin of the name Eberle, meaning “small boar.”

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40th Anniversary Club Celebration
Jun 29
Estrella Warbirds Museum

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40th Anniversary Club Celebration
Join us for food, wine and dancing in honor of 40 years of fine wine making! We invite club members & their guests to join us in celebrating the legacy of Eberle Winery with this ...
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Ireland, Cornwall and Dorset
Sep 13 to Sep 20
Ireland, Cornwall, & Dorset

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Ireland, Cornwall and Dorset
Gary and Marcy Eberle invite you to discover the magic and beauty of Ireland, Cornwall and Dorset aboard the luxurious intimate French yacht, the Ponant Jacques Cartier. A themed cruise based on Alain Ducasse ...
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Gary Eberle