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Club FAQ

Club FAQ

Eberle VIP Tour and Taste

Legacy Club

2 Bottle (discontinued)
1 complimentary group VIP per year
Limited to 2 guests per visit

6 Bottle
2 complimentary group VIP per year
Limited to 6 guests per visit

12 Bottle
3 complimentary group VIP per year
Limited to 2 guests per visit

Pioneer Club

6 Bottle
1 complimentary group VIP per year
Limited to 4 guests per visit

12 Bottle
2 complimentary group VIP per year
Limited to 6 guests per visit

Rare & Reserve Club

2 additional guests per visit for VIP tasting

How to add bottles to your Club Order online or customize your Legacy 12 bottle shipment.  

  1. Go to our website;
  2. Click "Login" located in the top right-hand corner. If you are a member, you will go to the "Login" side.
  3. Our system may have automatically generated a password for our members. If you cannot remember the password or would like to reset it, click "Forgot Password". An email with the reset password will come within a few minutes.
  4. Once you log in you can change the password, change your shipping or billing address, and change your credit card. You can also view your order history.
  5. If you are on the 'Account Information' page, look for the 'Open Custom Club Orders'
  6. Click the order number, There you will be able to view the current wines in your shipment. Below, you will be able to see the wines you can add or customize with.
  7. Orders must be submitted in the date range listed in the 'Order Rules' section to be applied to the shipment. If your order doesn't meet the requirements, it will not be saved. You can click 'Reset Order' to revert back to the original shipment.

Notes: If you are not in the Legacy 12 Bottle Club, you will not be able to change the set format, only add to your shipment.


Communicating with Eberle

Our main form of communication for the Cellar Club is email. All notifications about an upcoming shipment will be sent via email. The best way to reach the Wine Club Manager is also emailed at

Scheduled Shipments

•Pioneer Club: is Bi-Annual, two shipments per year, March and October

•Legacy Club: is Quarterly, four shipments per year, February, May, September, and November

•Rare & Reserve: two shipments per year, April and December

Customizing Shipments Standard

Eberle Cellar Club shipments are in a set format. Each shipment is thoughtfully crafted for our members to make sure they are getting a variety of wines in each shipment. The Legacy 12 Bottle Club is able to customize each shipment. The shipments are typically filled with new releases and exclusive club wines. You can add more wines during the reorder period and receive 30% off on any additional Cellar Club shipment wines.

Updating Your Information

•If any changes need to be made to your shipment, please reach out within 2 weeks prior to credit cards being processed. Any changes that are requested after credit cards are processed may have a $20 adjustment fee.  The adjustment fee is because our fulfillment company in Santa Maria has captured the orders once the credit cards are run and they have already begun working on the orders.

•If you need to update any of your information (credit cards, address, phone number, email, etc.) you can log in online to update your information. Go to Eberle’s website, click login at the top right corner, fill in your email address we have on file, and the password. If you can’t remember your password, click forgot password and reset it (must have at least 1 letter, 6 characters, and 1 number).  On your account, you can see your order history, what credit card you have on file, and your current address.

•Must be an active member with up-to-date information to receive offers and benefits. Processing Cellar Club

Processing Cellar Club

Credit cards will be run on the first Tuesday of the month your shipment is supposed to go out (unless a holiday is on a Monday, forcing the card to run the following week).  All members who are set up as default ship will have their packages sent out the following Monday unless coordinated otherwise or weather permitting.

Will Call Members

All members who are set up as default will call will have their shipments automatically shipped after 6 weeks unless other arrangements have been made prior to the planned ship date.

Canceling Your Cellar Club

By signing up for our membership we do ask for a minimum of a 1-year commitment to the wine club.  If you wish to no longer be a club member you need to email the Wine Club Manager at or call 805-238-9607. All cancellations need to be placed prior to the credit cards being processed. 

Terms of Agreement

Tips and Tricks to Improve your Wine Club Experience

Email Best Practices